Electromechanical Components

Cognizant LLC represents a High Quality manufacturer of Electromechanical Assemblies serving the Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Truck, and Military Markets. Our manufacturer has been recognized as Best in Class for Product Quality (Production & Service) & Best in Class for Delivery (Automotive Production & Service).

Our products include:

  • Wire Harness
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Switches
  • Solenoids

Our Engineering department develops new product concepts independently in support of developing customer markets. We also develop designs to meet customers’ applications specifications (or industry specifications). Designs are developed using 3D Solids Designs and computer simulation/analysis for dimensional stacks, thermal analysis, magnetic analysis, load/stress analysis, and assembly sequences. Prototypes can be produced to demonstrate the production-intent part appearance and function. Our fully equipped testing lab provides boundary performance data for design validation and alternative design content selection. Our engineering is done with a virtual engineering concept – individual, or small teams, are fully responsible for the design of the product and the core assembly system to produce the product in a volume setting. Our engineering group is fully interactive with our customers in order to provide the product that is optimal for the customers’ needs.